David Caldwell - for Sheriff

David Caldwell

People FIRST - Mission ALWAYS

A lifelong resident of Orange County, I have always been here for the citizens of this County and the United States. 
It is the duty of every citizen, public agency and organization to strive to improve the quality of life for each individual for whom they are responsible.  No single person or group should suffer at the expense of others, so that every citizen has equal access to information, options, and opportunities for their benefit and success.  We can’t accomplish this objective if we aren’t able to communicate with each other or understand more deeply the diverse makeup of the community in which we live.
If elected, I will make sure that enforcement of the law is administered equally and fairly, and most of all, that it is understood.  I would emphasize community outreach and a more aggressive recruitment of minorities to reflect and work with the diverse nature of our community.  I would seek to have a community that is better educated in legal policy and procedures to help all citizens get help when needed. 
This is the first step in resolving the cycle of misunderstanding and unfair treatment.  Realizing this mission creates a much stronger, close-knit, law-abiding community where everyone shares success.

I would appreciate your vote and I look forward to serving you as Orange County Sheriff.
                                                        - DAVID CALDWELL JR